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Strip clubs in Denmark Copenhagen

WORKING SYSTEM for the club in Copenhagen.
• show performance on stage - pole dancing and hostess with costumers on Champagne all sale girls get 15%.
• The job is for: Full nude strip-dancers.

Working days/ hours:
• 21.00-05.00 (you must be in the  club by  20.45 ). 5 days/ week ( Sunday/Monday is closed ).
Dancer earnings:
• dancers are paid €65 GUARANTEE per night.
• Dancers are getting 15% from the Champagne they sale [ prices of the Champagne are between €300 up to €5000 ].
• Dancers get this money from dances:
    * Table dance: 35€.
    * Private dance (1 song): 55€.
    * Private dance (2 songs): 80€.
    * Private dance 20min: 110€.
    * Private dance 20min (2 girls): 135€. (they must share it).
• The Dancers receive the money every week on Tuesday.

• all girls must wear beautiful dresses, skirts. Make sure that you have a long dress, short dress, shoes and related accessories.

Possible Earnings:
• €1000 - €5000 per WEEK (5 Days Week), depending on individual experience.

DANCERS selection criteria:
• At least 18 years old.
• Nice, slim  body.
• English  communication level .
• Good communication skills, funny , willing to dance.

• Minimum 1 months up to 6 months.

More info:
• City center located. Customers are business peoples and tourists.
• Club staff will ensure the security and good living.
• There Girls pay NO commission for the Agency and the Club.
• The club do not tolerate the dancers to exchange phone numbers with customers or meeting the customers outside the club, instant dismissal.
• The club has zero tolerance to drugs or prostitution, anyone finding doing that, straight dismissal from the club.

When can I start ? 
• You need to apply first by filling out the application form ( recent photos with you please ! ) , then if you
are selected , you will receive a Contract on your name ( all conditions included ) . 3-5 days after receiving the Contract you can start.
• The work with our Agency is legal and safe. You will have a Contract and you will know all the details
before leaving your country.

photos of the club bellow, please click on the photo to see it bigger

videos of the club bellow, please click to watch

• The club provides to the dancers accommodation in hotel near by the club ( center of Copenhagen ) on 2 persons per room occupancy , free WiFi , flat screen TV, CCTV cameras at the entry , modern furnished. The Dancer pays €13/ day  ( all costs are included, internet, electricity , maintenance ) .

• The transport to Copenhagen is paid by the dancer.
• At the airport , the dancer should take a taxi and go to the hotel ( hotel address will be indicated in the Contract ) . The taxi fee will be around 30 euro.  The Club arrange in advance free room and the key at the reception .

bellow, photos of the accommodation conditions and surroundings where accommodation is located