PACO artists booker (+447418429076)
PACO artists booker (+447418429076)

Dancer strip clubs in Mexico

SYSTEM : 3 Clubs in Mexico -city:
• dancing on stage usually 2 or 3 times per shift  ( 3 songs) , table dance on the floor and VIP's.

• 3 shifts:  1st shift from 3PM  to 7PM, 2nd shift from 5PM  to 1AM , 3rd shift from 7PM to 3AM . Monday to Friday. The dancer's division in Mexico is operating the shifts.

• The Dancer earns 65% from the table dances values sold to the customers. The price of one table dance is ONE TICKET who is USD 22 ( 230 pesos)/ song ( 4min.) The dancer collect tickets and cash them daily.  The Dancer pays daily the house fee who is 2 tickets.

• Long dress between 3 PM to 6 PM.
• Lingerie is just allowed one day a week  3 to 7 pm. 
• Platform shoes.Boots are just allowed with manager’s authorization
• On the floor are not allow transparent dresses, shorts or pants, just on the stage

USD 4800 - USD 6 000 per month, depending on individual experience.

• minim 19 years old of age
• nice, slim body shape.
• English or Spanish conversational knowledge.
• good communications skills, good self confidence.
• experience is requested for those clubs.

• The contract can be for  3 months or 6 months.

• In the Club are working dancers from Mexico, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Venezuela.
• Dancers are allowed and encouraged to do some type of on stage show, with costume and coordinating music ( once a month ) Nothing eleborate or complex !!!  Special shows  are rewarded .... For the safety of all dancers body oils is strictly prohibited.
• On the first day of work the club offers to the dancer one meal for free and the transportation.
• Good management, friendly ambiance .
• In the dressing the club has make up and beautiful articles, basic medicines and personal clean
articles for the dancers for free. Also the staff can help them to iron, open their locker, etc.

• After you've  applied and  been selected , we will let you know when have available places, so you can start.


 •  Dancers accommodation is provided in apartments or hotel nearby  ( one block away to the club ), FREE of charge. Apartments are with 2 furnished Bedrooms  ( 2 persons in , individual beds  ) , Kitchen ( with microwave , oven , fridge ) , Bath ( with shower ) , Living room ( with sofa , TV | cable | DVD ) . 
• Bed Sheets  are not offered , please bring your own ones.
• The transport to Mexico city  is paid by the Dancer . After 3 months, the club reimburse the ticket price to the dancer . We have affiliate travel agencies where our staff can find for you the most convenient way to travel . Check with us !
• A driver wait for you at the airport and brings you to the club's office and apartment where you will stay.
PACO artists booker (+447418429076)

WE GUARANTEE YOUR MONEY ( always the club will pay your money ! ).
SAME WORKING CONDITIONS LIKE OTHER DANCERS IN THE CLUB ( even better then girls working alone ).
YOU WORK, IN A SAFE AND SECURE PLACE ( legal work based on Contracts, no sex , no escort, no dirty work ).
BE RESPECTED IN THE CLUB AS PACO DANCER ( clubs staff , other dancers will always respect you ).
NO ANY MONEY TO BE PAID TO US ( our servicies are free ).