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The Advantages of Working As a Stripper

You have heard all the bad comments about working as a stripper and often see and feel the stigma around doing this type of work. Its time we take up some of the good points with your choice of profession, whether you are in this for a long or short period, here are 8 good reasons to remember.

1. The money you can earn in this job
Yeas, there is no denying that we love the money that we make in this job when you have the rights skills and experience, few other professions that don’t require higher education can match this type of income.

2. Dressing up for work every night
I always say that you should dress up for every night at work as you were going on a date. Because you never know who’s gonna walk in that door and be your million dollar customer for the night and then you need to dress the part. When do you love to dress up and look fancy, which another job can compare to stripping?

3. Dancing and showing off
When you love dancing and showing off, there is no other way to do this better than to work as a stripper. The attention and feeling you get when you are up on that stage and your favorite music is pulsing out of the speakers. The audience is in complete focus on you and you feel the adrenaline pumping…only those who have experienced it knows how it feels and it feels GREAT!

4. The freedom of choosing your own work schedule
Many of us put a high price on freedom and yet very few really do experience it, one thing is for sure. Being able to choose your own working schedule and going on holiday whenever you want. That's freedom and that's how it is to work as a stripper.

5. Traveling while working
Many dancers live like nomads and take this job to the maximum potential. Traveling around the world while they are moving from club to club and make money and sees the world. If nothing, one thing is for sure you will get rich in experience by doing it this way.

6. We work night when others sleep
While most people see this as an advantage, I love it. I love the feeling of being up when most of the city sleeps unless those that are like us, who like the night. I love the feeling of going to work, when most others are rushing home and I love the feeling of going home after work, watching all others on their way to work, stressing, in a cue and I know that I am going home to sleep.

7. Meeting new people
Meeting new people is great when you can manage to take some experience and learn a little bit from every new person you meet you grow as a human. You can socialize, laugh, and spread a good atmosphere around you every day at work.

8. Listening to Music while you are working
I love listening to music and I can do this al the time while I am working. It puts me in a good mood and motivates me. This is what we do every night at work.
This was some points that I hope you found interesting and motivating, in case you had forgotten all the good reasons for working as a stripper. Here you can read about stripper jobs and exotic dancer jobs in international clubs.