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Dancer Jobs and How to Get One

Stripper jobs are becoming more popular and socially accepted. There is less stigma connected to this type of work, compared to how it used to be. Today, social media has completely changed the way dancers can promote themselves and there is a whole community of dancers connecting with each other through social media platforms. Sharing experiences working as a stripper has created a brave new world for women.
Getting a stripper job can be easy, but staying in this line of work and do well requires more than just good looks. You also need some sophisticated inter-personal skills. There are basic things you need to be able to handle before taking on this job:

What does a Stripper job require?
Always look your best and invest in your appearance
Be able to dance and entertain, though not necessary as an acrobatic pole dancer
Be an exhibitionist and be comfortable getting naked in front of others
Have very good social skills and enjoy meeting new people
You need to be good at sales as this is how you make your money
You have to be able to handle working long hours in the night

If you can tick these boxes, you have the basics that a stripper job requires.

The two different types of stripper jobs and how they work:
There are two different types of stripper jobs. The most obvious is in a strip club, also known as Gentlemen’s club. This means you work as a stripper in the club and follow the system and rules there. You will need to do several stage shows per shift and your income is based on commission.
The other approach is to connect with an agency and get hired for private parties and other events. This can be hen or bachelor parties or other private celebrations like birthdays. You will typically do one show for each event and get paid a set amount for that.

How to get a stripper job and where to find it:
To get a stripper job you need to get some practice first! Why not do some research at your local strip clubs? Try to get some personal training from a lap-dancer. Pay for a lap-dance in the club. This experience is a sure-fire way to get to know the script.

Or, if you are not comfortable with that, there are many good Youtube training videos to watch. The first thing you need to learn is how to perform a stage show. If you want to dance at private shows and events, this is the most important lesson for you to know. If you are planning to work in a strip club, you also need to master the art of striptease and lap-dancing.

Mastering the sales element of the job comes with the time, as you will discover whilst you are working. Study sales techniques and learn from more experienced dancers. When it comes to the moment of truth and you want to find a stripper job, decide if you are will work in your home town or travel, or a bit of both.
You can search online for strip clubs. Look for the local or world wide strip clubs and contact those you find appealing. Other options are to search for available stripper jobs in online job boards for the striptease industry.

Stripper job
What to look for to find the best stripper jobs:
There are reasons why this industry has a bad reputation, so you have to be critical when choosing which club to work in. Clubs that have been around for a while and are established will always have a regular client base. This will increase your earning potential in that club. Other things to check out are how the club pays out. Is it cash in hand by the end of every shift, or do they pay by bank transfer? This is important because if you get paid with cash, the chances are high that the club doesn’t follow tax and VAT rules.

This truly affects the way you will treat the money. Getting your salary as cash in hand is not necessarily the best way because this hot cash can seem to disappear quickly. Salary paid as a transfer into your bank account can feel more solid. You can at least commit to banking it the next day after a shift if it is a cash-club.

Other things to check for before getting a stripper job in a club:
Accommodation – will the club arrange this or do you have to find a place?
Travel expenses – does the club cover any of that?
Location of the club and your accommodation – how to get back and forth to work.
Working systems – champagne or lap dancing. Make your self familiar with these two styles.

Using an agency can be a good solution for a new beginner.
If you are new to this industry it could be very convenient for you to use an agency to get you the best stripper jobs. Many experienced dancers also use this service.

If you want to work as a private party stripper then using an agency is the standard way. Using the services of an agency when you want to work in a strip club can also be wise. If you find a good agency, they will have contact with several different clubs and can tell you exactly how each club works. In this way, you can find an establishment that suits you.

Agencies will normally also take care of all the paperwork, such as visas and contracts.