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Bellow ... SEE details, conditions, rules, selection criteria of this club, as well the accommodation details .. photos and videos.

WE GUARANTEE YOUR MONEY ( always the club will pay your money ! ).
SAME WORKING CONDITIONS LIKE OTHER DANCERS IN THE CLUB ( even better then girls working alone ).
YOUR WORK, IN A SAFE AND SECURE PLACE ( legal work based on Contracts, no sex , no escort, no dirty work ).
BE RESPECTED IN THE CLUB AS PACO DANCER ( clubs staff , other dancers will always respect you ).
NO ANY MONEY TO BE PAID TO US ( our servicies are free ).

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Singapore: Dancer clubs

SYSTEM for the clubs in Orchard Towers - Singapore:
• Agency collaborate will all clubs in Singapore , we can arrange you to work in the club you like. 
• pole dance on stage 5 times/ nigh on 30 min. each set ( Go Go style , no topless, no strip ), hostess .
•  Work permits provided by the Agency for 6 months time . 

 from 21.00 - to 06.00 ,  1  day off per week.

EARNINGS:  ( 1 USD ~ 1. 26 SGD ,  1 EUR ~ 1.73 SGD )
• USD 2000 - USD 4000/ month, depending on individual experience ( details in the Contract after been selected ).

 Free style, the Dancer can choose to wear whatever feels sexy and comfortable . 

 minimum 18 years old of age.
 nice, slim body shape.
 English conversational knowledge.
 good communications skills, good self confidence.
 dance experience demanded.

 The Contract is for 6 months.

 the clubs are situated in a touristic area of Singapore , many tourists from Australia , West Europe , America , Canada are visiting the clubs , pay drinks to the girls and like to chat with them.
 Good management in the club , very nice ambiance .
 In the clubs are between 10 - 20 dancers. 
 NO commission to be paid to Paco Agency .

 You need to apply first by filling out the application form ( recent photos with you please ! ) , then if you
are selected , you will receive a Contract on your name ( all conditions included ) . 3-5  days after receiving the Contract you can start.
 The work with our Agency is safe. You will have a Contract and you will know all the details before leaving your country.
•  Work permits provided by the Agency for 6 months time . 

photos of the club bellow, please click on the photo to see it bigger

Accommodation : 
Food : paid by the dancers.
Accommodation : in apartments 3,4 girls sharing one room . Free transport by bus Apartment - Club and return.

Transport : 
round trip transport to Singapore paid and free for the Dancers for 6 months stay . As a guarantee , before baying the flights, the Dancers should prepay USD150 to the Paco Agency manager in their country. The money will be sent back at the end of the Contract when the Dancer returns home. 
 Club manager comes to meet the girls at the airport in Singapore , you will have a phone number . All details arranged by Paco Agency.  

photos of the accommodation below and surroundings where it's located