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Bellow ... SEE details, conditions, rules, selection criteria of this club, as well the accommodation details .. photos and videos.

WE GUARANTEE YOUR MONEY ( always the club will pay your money ! ).
SAME WORKING CONDITIONS LIKE OTHER DANCERS IN THE CLUB ( even better then girls working alone ).
YOUR WORK, IN A SAFE AND SECURE PLACE ( legal work based on Contracts, no sex , no escort, no dirty work ).
BE RESPECTED IN THE CLUB AS PACO DANCER ( clubs staff , other dancers will always respect you ).
NO ANY MONEY TO BE PAID TO US ( our servicies are free ).

Club Rating

Macau: dancers club

SYSTEM for the table-dance club in Macao :   ( 1 USD ~ 8 MOP , 1 EURO ~ 10 MOP )
Pole dancing on the stage ( 2 songs , 2nd song topless ). Table dance and Hostess  ( sitting with customers at the table and create a nice ambiance ). 

from 21.00 - to 04.00 / 6 days / week . 

There is no salary or club fee to pay. The Club guarantees for the dancers 600 MOP/ day for min. 11 days of work per 2 weeks .
• Dancers get 50 % from table dances ( 100 MOP/ one table dance ) and private dancers ( 175 MOP/ one private dance ) and 20% from drinks  ( Lady Drinks costs 200 - 300 MOP , Bottles of spirits and champagnes cost between 500 - 4900 MOP ) .
• Dancers get also 80 MOP from stage fee tips and 200 MOP from promotion events tickets .
• Dancer commission payments are every 2 weeks on the 15th and 30/1 and it's paid within 2 weeks time 

The Dancer will dress as per individual club instructions. Please ensure that you will have dance wear to include long dress, short dress, fantasy outfits, shoes and relevant accessories. Dancers are expected to change their outfits throughout the night.

USD 3000 - USD 6000/ month, depending on individual experience.

minimum 18 years old of age.
nice, slim body shape.
English conversational knowledge.
good communications skills, good self confidence.
no experience required , the Club can offer dance training . 

The Contract is for 3 months and can prolong up to 12 months.

the only table dance club in Macau , rich customers ( mainly Chineses ) . 
 Dancers are seated at the table by club managers on customers requests, they do not go by themself to the customers. 
NO commission to be paid to Paco Agency 

After you've  applied and  been selected , it takes 7 days to arrange the Contract . 
For the work permit / visa, we need from you Passport copy , Birth Certificate copy  , name of your Parents . The Dancer should come to Macau ONLY Mondays or Tuesdays because of work registration procedures. 

photos of the club bellow, please click on the photo to see it bigger

Accommodation for Dancers is provided, 5 min. by car from the Club and cost 2750 MOP / month, to be paid in advance and 25 MOP/ day utilities & WiFi ,  ( 2 persons / room,  with  WiFi , TV, cable, video, washing machine , microwave ).

Transport to Macau is paid by the Dancer. Convenient way to travel to Macau is via Hong Kong airport and take direct the Ferry to Macau . The Club reimburse after 3 months up to USD 1600 for the flight . 
The Dancer should come to Macau ONLY Mondays or Tuesdays because of work registration procedures.

At the destination, the club driver will wait for you. Paco Agency will inform the Club about your arrival and give you the name and phone number of the person who will wait and meet you.

photos of the accommodation below and surroundings where it's located