PACO artists booker (+ 447418429076)
PACO artists booker (+ 447418429076)

Italy - Civitanova Marche ED-PL: hostess and dancer clubs

Club Rating

 hostess = sitting with the customers at the table and create a nice ambiance
 jobs for: hostess and dancers ( the dancers can do only private dances )

• 22.00 - 05.00, 6 days / week.

 The Hostess/ Dancer has a salary between €60 and €80 / day, depending on experience, Italian language and work results.
Payments are every DAY.
The Dancer gets 50% from all private dances ( prices: 10 min is 60 euros , 15 min is 80 euros , 20 min is 100 euros ).
From champagne the Dancer/ Hostess gets between 30 - 60 euros depends on the champagne price .

Club Dress Cod:
ELEGANT STYLE : short or long dresses, sexy dress and relevant accessories.

Possible earnings:
 € 2000 - € 4000 per month

 Minimum 18 years old.
 good physical appearance.
 Minimum knowledge of Italian language. Very important to speak some Italian because customers speak ONLY Italian.
• communicative and ambitious.
 beginners are welcome ... we can teach and help to start.

 The contract is for 1 month and can be prolonged up to 12 months.

 The best clubs in Civitanova Marche, upscale and glamor , customers are locals and tourists Italians. 
 management with experience, correct with the money. 
 NO commission to be paid to Paco Agency .

When can I start ?  
 You need to apply first by filling in the application form ( recent photos with you please ! ) , after selection you will receive a CONTRACT, then you can arrange your trip to Civitanova Marche. 
 The work with our Agency is legal and safe. 

  Accommodation is provided by the club in fully furnished apartments in Civitanova Marche ( rooms are with 2 beds ), sharing kichen and bathroom, near shops, supermarkets , banks , and costs 20 euros / week .
•  FREE transfer from apartment to the club and return with the club minibus. 
•  Bed sheets are not provided, please bring your own.

 Transport to Italy - Civitanova Marche  ( airport Ancona ) is paid by the  Hostess/ Dancer . FREE airport / train station transfer to the accommodation. 

PACO artists booker (+ 447418429076)

Its good for me, I get all my money every morning.  The club owner is in the club every night and helping with customers ... I'm here for 4 months already... Lina

I tried many clubs in Italy, here in Chivitanova Marche are the best clubs for me . I have customers every night , I get all my money every morning ... Anna

Very nice apartment for living , center of Chivitanova Marche and free transport to the clubs ... Good communication with other girls in the club ,  nice managers , always help me with customers .. Silvia

PACO artists booker (+ 447418429076)

WE GUARANTEE YOUR MONEY ( always the club will pay your money ! ).
SAME WORKING CONDITIONS LIKE OTHER DANCERS IN THE CLUB ( even better then girls working alone ).
YOU WORK, IN A SAFE AND SECURE PLACE ( legal work based on Contracts, no sex , no escort, no dirty work ).
BE RESPECTED IN THE CLUB AS PACO DANCER ( clubs staff , other dancers will always respect you ).
NO ANY MONEY TO BE PAID TO US ( our servicies are free ).