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Bellow ... SEE details, conditions, rules, selection criteria of this club, as well the accommodation details .. photos and videos.

WE GUARANTEE YOUR MONEY ( always the club will pay your money ! ).
SAME WORKING CONDITIONS LIKE OTHER DANCERS IN THE CLUB ( even better then girls working alone ).
YOUR WORK, IN A SAFE AND SECURE PLACE ( legal work based on Contracts, no sex , no escort, no dirty work ).
BE RESPECTED IN THE CLUB AS PACO DANCER ( clubs staff , other dancers will always respect you ).
NO ANY MONEY TO BE PAID TO US ( our servicies are free ).

Club Rating

Finland - Helsinki CR - table dance club

WORKING SYSTEM for the club in Helsinki.
 pole dance on stage,  private dance and hostess.
 job for: dancers.

Working days/ hours:
 from 20.00 to 04.00 , 6 days / week.  

Dancer earnings: 
 Dancers are making money only from private dances/ table dances  and tips from drinks. NO house fee to be paid to the club. Money are paid at the end of the Contract . Money in advance can be asked if need it . 
 Dancers receive 30% from drinks: Glass of wine:€30 ,small bottle piccolo 45€ ,Bottle of sparkling wine: €160-200-245€,Moet: €330 + table dance (only topless) Dom Perignon: €790 + table dance (topless) Champagne prices goes till 2000€ .  

 all girls must wear beautiful dresses, skirts. Dancers should look sexy all the time . 

Possible Earnings:
 €800 - €1000 per WEEK, depending on individual experience.

DANCERS selection criteria:
 Minimum 18 years old.
 Nice, slim body.
 Good English.
 Good communication skills with peoples, funny and positive attitude .
 Experience as a dancer from before. 

 Minimum Contract is for 1 months up to 12 months.

More info:
 The Club is in the city center, 
 Club staff will ensure the security and good living.
 NO commission for Paco Agency to be paid. 
 The club do not tolerate the dancers to exchange phone numbers with customers or meeting the customers outside the club, instant dismissal.
 The club has zero tolerance to drugs, anyone finding doing that, straight dismissal from the club.

When can I start ?
• Register online by filling out the application form ( recent photos with you please ! ), we will contact you after with more details .
 The work with our Agency is legal and safe. You will have a Contract and you will know all the work conditions before leaving your country.

photos of the club bellow, please click on the photo to see it bigger

 The club provides a fully furnished apartments  for dancers in a safe and secure area in Helsinki at the price of 8 euro/ day. 

 The transport to Helsinki - Finland is paid by the Dancer. Club manager will meet the dancers in the city center where club is located .. Paco Agency will manage and supervise.  

photos of the accommodation below and surroundings where it's located