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See bellow comments of the clubs owners who are collaborating with us.

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                                                 :) ...Paco

Comments from Swiss - St Gallen

Greetings Paco .. it's been a wile working together now , and I have to say ,  we have many dancers from your agency in our club now .. We like on you because you always strive for improving your services and the quality of your dancers .. Please keep going on .. we need YOU ..

                                   ... Take care , Gosia

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Comments from Austria - Vienna


Hello Paco , very nice to work with you for this long time , how do you do to book us dancers from so many countries , Romania , Hungary , Estonia , Poland , Bulgaria , Latvia  ?


For us is much better to have one BIG international agent who book us various dancers then working with local agencies ..

         Welcome for a drink when you step by in Vienna ... Mr. Titzer

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Comments from the UK  - Birmingham


Hi Paco ,
Since working with your agency , business pickup a lot , we open now a second club  , please be ready to help us with lap-dances !

As I told you , before we been taking non-UK girls alone , but we been facing so many troubles with them , meeting costumers outside the club , stilling from the club and apartments, couldn't check their background . Better pay you the 10 pounds / day and you manage all ..

                             ... Cheers , Dean & Jag

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Comments from Luxembourg


Bonjour Paco ,

I'm happy to find a serious agency like yours , we been working together for few years now .. you send us good and professional dancers , also they are happy in our club !


Keep going on !

Regards ! Md. Tania 

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Comments from Mexico


Hola Paco , 
How are you ? 
For few years now , we collaborate and everything is very well .. your artists are professional , you manage very well departures , arrivals , contracts .. your managers in different countries from where the artists are coming are doing also a great job .. 


When are you passing by to Mexico city ?   Our 3 floors club is the busiest in the city ! 

Regards ,  Miguel 

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