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Bellow ... SEE details, conditions, rules, selection criteria of this club, as well the accommodation details ..  photos are on the right side, click on to see large size photos.  To apply to dance in this club. click on  "APPLY now for this club "  button and fill the registration form... EASY ..!

Hostess job in Amman - Jordan

WORKING SYSTEM for the 3 clubs in Amman.
• hostess job ( no dancing ) : sitting inside the club with customers at the table and create a nice ambiance.

Working days/ hours:
• working hours : 20.30 - 03.30 .  Every 10 days , one day off .

• The hostess has a salary of JD20 ( ) / day  , plus from each drink ( glass of jus )  JD5 ( USD 7) .  For 12 glasses / night the hostess gets bonus  --> JD10 ( USD 15)  , for 20 glasses / night --> bonus JD15 ( 22USD) . All the money paid every morning .

• Any kind of dress  accepted .

Possible Earnings:
• 2500 - 4000 USD per month, depending on experience and each individual.

HOSTESS selection criteria's:
• At least 18 years old .
• Nice, slim body .
• English medium level or Arabic.
• Good communication skills, self-confidence.

• The contract is for 3 months up to 12 months.

More info:
• Amman prestigious and well known clubs. Good money potential , rich customers .
• Club staff will ensure the security and good living.
• There is NO commission to be paid for the Agency Paco .
• The work visa cost USD450 , it will be deducted in Amman when start working  , USD100 every month.

• After you are registered and selected, it takes one month for the visa to be ready .  Necessary documents for visa : passport copy .

photos of the club bellow, please click on the photo to see it bigger


ACCOMMODATION The Club offers accommodation in Amman near by the club , nice and safe area . The price for the accommodation is USD200 / month, in fully furnished apartment  ( Kitchen , WiFi , TV , bathroom ) on double occupancy ( 2 persons per room ) .


• Transport to Amman is paid by the Hostess. If no money , the Club can pay the flight to Amman and deduct the money after when start working .
• We arrange FREE pickup in Amman  airport , the Agency is organizing all details in advance.

bellow, photos of the accommodation conditions and surroundings where accommodation is located